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90 East Design

My name is Michael Mangone and I am a Photography Teacher in my 20th year at Desert Ridge High School. I am also a designer and enjoy creating for others.

Why 90 East? My brother played and coaches at Brockport State, whenever we went to watch football at Brockport State we had to jump on the 90 and travel east. After about 20+ years it tends to stick with you and mean something.

I have been interested in web design for many years and had the opportunity to work on my schools site until the district came in and went with an outside vendor.

I still wanted to work on websites but wanted the freedom to create as well. I went to school and learned more about HTML/CSS and created sites that were mobile friendly. So here I am ready to start working on more of them.

I am looking for coaches specifically, coaches that want to have their team look good not just on the field but also on the web. A website is the front door to the rest of the world when they want to know about you and your squad. My job is to make you look great!

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